Rhododendron Mrs Betty Robertson


Rhododendron Mrs Betty Robertson is a pale yellow with pink flush, aging to cream, with a red freckling on the dorsal lobes.Flowers: October Height: 1.5m

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Introducing the exquisite Mrs. Betty Wormwald Rhododendron, adorned with delicate pale yellow blooms featuring a charming pink flush, gracefully maturing to a creamy hue. A distinct feature of this rhododendron is the subtle yet captivating red freckling adorning the dorsal lobes of its flowers.

Flowering in October, this rhododendron unveils its stunning display during the transition from spring to summer. With a projected height of approximately 1.5 meters over a decade, it presents a balanced stature that enhances garden landscapes without overpowering them.

The Mrs. Betty Wormwald Rhododendron stands out as an elegant addition to gardens, adding a touch of sophistication and grace with its unique coloration and charming floral patterns. Its blooms, a delightful fusion of soft yellows, pinks, and creams, create a picturesque scene in garden settings.

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