Rhododendron Whitney’s Orange


Whitney’s Orange Rhododendron blooms midseason, boasting a mesmerising blend of yellowish-pink with vivid reddish-orange markings. Its ball-shaped trusses hold around 15 flowers each, creating a radiant spectacle in your garden. 1.5m Flowers late October

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Whitney’s Orange Rhododendron: “Radiant Harmony in Orange-Pink Fusion”

Introducing Whitney’s Orange Rhododendron, a vibrant fusion of orange and pink that paints your garden with radiant elegance. Its widely funnel-campanulate flowers, boasting wavy lobes spanning 3 inches, display a mesmerising blend of yellowish-pink, adorned with a vivid reddish-orange blotch, spots, and edged in striking red. An alternate variation blooms in a captivating unmarked deeper orange hue, adding diversity to its colorful allure. ( whitney’s Late Orange) Each ball-shaped truss holds approximately 15 flowers, creating a breathtaking display of nature’s artistry.

This midseason bloomer enchants with its colorful brilliance. Its foliage, ranging from narrowly elliptic to oblanceolate, maintains a lush medium green hue, transitioning to a vibrant yellowish-green in new growth. The plant’s broad, open growth pattern, coupled with decumbent, willowy branches, benefits from occasional pruning to maintain a more compact form.

Over a decade, Whitney’s Orange Rhododendron reaches a height of 4 feet, showcasing remarkable resilience to temperatures down to -18°C . Bred from the dichroanthum and Diana lineage and hybridized by Whitney, this elepidote rhododendron embodies both beauty and hardiness, making it an exceptional choice for garden enthusiasts seeking a dazzling centerpiece.

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