Rhododendron Old Copper


Rhododendron Old Copper late in the spring when most rhododendrons are finished blooming for the year, shows its large orange trusses. A really good true orange colour Height 1.5m Flowering in November

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Old Copper Rhododendron – Spring’s True Orange Delight!

Embrace the unique allure of ‘Old Copper’ rhododendron, a late-blooming beauty that stands out when most rhododendrons have completed their spring display. Its grandeur shines through with large orange trusses, boasting a true orange hue that graces gardens in November.

With undisclosed parentage, this striking rhododendron reaches a height of 1.5m after a decade, a testament to its substantial presence. Its flowering season provides a tropical ambiance, offering a burst of vivid color that evokes a sense of the exotic.

While captivating, ‘Old Copper’ prefers protection from the intense afternoon summer sun to maintain its stunning appearance.

Discover the enchantment of ‘Old Copper’ rhododendron, available online or at our nursery. Add a touch of autumn’s true orange to your garden and experience its tropical flair. Don’t miss out on this late-blooming masterpiece—secure yours today!

Minimum Height after 10 Years: 1.5m
Flowering Time: November


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