Rhododendron Autumn Gold


Rhododendron Autumn Gold has a distinctive salmon apricot colour. Dense foliage. Tolerates heat. One of the hardiest and easy to grow of the apricot rhodos. Height 1.8m Flowers in October

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The Autumn Gold Rhododendron is a stunning addition to any garden, known for its distinctive salmon apricot-colored blooms. This rhododendron boasts dense foliage and is highly tolerant of heat, making it one of the hardiest and easiest apricot rhododendrons to grow. With parentage from Discolour and Fabia, this plant reaches a minimum height of 1.8 meters after 10 years. Its vibrant flowers bloom in October, creating a beautiful display in the autumn months. Perfect for adding a splash of color and resilience to your garden, the Autumn Gold Rhododendron is ideal for both novice and experienced gardeners. Discover more about the Autumn Gold Rhododendron and add this hardy beauty to your garden today.

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Parentage: (Discolour x fabia)
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 1.8m
Flowering Time: October