Rhododendron Virginia Richards


Rhododendron Virginia Richards both attractive foliage and flower. Compact habit with glossy leaves and flowers which open pink and fade to cream, very pretty. Height 1.5m Flowering in October.

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Virginia Richards Rhododendron: Where Beauty Blooms in Every Leaf and Petal

The “Virginia Richards” rhododendron is a little treasure that invites you to explore the harmony of attractive foliage and delicate flowers.

Glossy Foliage and Flower Harmony: “Virginia Richards” offers a splendid blend of attractive foliage and exquisite flowers. Its compact habit is adorned with glossy leaves that shimmer in the dappled sunlight, adding a touch of refinement to your garden landscape. The rhododendron’s flowers, opening in shades of pink and gracefully fading to cream, are nothing short of a visual symphony. The transition from pink to cream creates a captivating spectacle, offering an ever-changing palette of color in your garden.

A Genetic Masterpiece: This rhododendron’s lineage is a testament to genetic artistry. It’s derived from a lineage that combines the strengths of “wardii x FC Puddle” and “Mrs. Betty Robertson.” The result is a rhododendron that bears the legacy of its exceptional parentage, providing a stunning representation of horticultural excellence.

Height and Flowering Elegance: In just ten years, the “Virginia Richards” rhododendron achieves a height of at least 1.5 meters, creating a striking presence in your garden. This stature is a testament to its growth potential, ensuring that it can stand as a focal point or complement your existing garden design. In October, it unfolds its splendid trusses, contributing to the floral tapestry of your garden.

A Visual Symphony in Your Garden: The “Virginia Richards” rhododendron is more than just a garden plant; it’s a visual symphony that enchants your senses. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or someone new to the world of rhododendrons, the appeal of this botanical treasure is undeniable. Its glossy foliage and remarkable flowers create an ever-changing masterpiece that evolves throughout the seasons.



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