Rhododendron Sneezy

Rhododendron Sneezy has dark pink buds opening to a soft pink flower with a white eye deep inside the flower. Wine red spotting on the lobe. Height 1.5m Flowering in November


Sneezy Rhododendron: A Thrip-Resistant Gem

The “Sneezy” Rhododendron is a captivating addition to your garden, and it comes with a valuable trait: thrip resistance, thanks to its lineage that includes the sturdy Yakushimanum (Yak) rhododendron. Thrips may trouble other plants, but “Sneezy” stands strong against these pesky insects. This resistance is a noteworthy feature, ensuring that your garden’s beauty remains unspoiled.

Dark Pink Buds Unveiling Soft Pink Beauty: “Sneezy” rhododendron boasts dark pink buds that unfold to reveal delicate, soft pink flowers. What sets it apart is the presence of a white eye deep inside each flower, adding a touch of intrigue and allure to its blooms. As if that weren’t enough, wine-red spotting on the lobe adds a subtle but eye-catching detail that elevates its overall appearance.

A Collection to Cherish: The “Sneezy” rhododendron is part of a charming collection that includes Hoppy (misnamed, should have been Happy), Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy, and Bashful. These rhododendrons each have their own unique characteristics and personalities, making them a delightful ensemble to collect and showcase in your garden. Whether you’re drawn to the rich colors, or individual traits, there’s a rhododendron in this collection for every garden enthusiast.

In summary, “Sneezy” is a distinguished rhododendron variety known for its thrip resistance, stunning dark pink buds, soft pink flowers with white eyes, and wine-red spotting. It’s a part of a delightful collection that allows you to bring a touch of character to your garden.