Rhododendron Bashful


Rhododendron Bashful has light pink flowers on a compact bush. One of the seven dwarf rhododendrons. Collect them all Height 1m Flowers in October

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Bashful Rhododendron – A Charming Addition to the Dwarf Collection

Description: Meet the delightful Bashful Rhododendron, adorned with charming light pink flowers, nestled upon a compact and endearing bush. As a proud member of the celebrated seven dwarf rhododendrons series, including Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Sneezy, Sleepy, and Hoppy, this variety adds a touch of whimsy and collectible charm to any garden setting.

Distinctive Traits and Collection Appeal: Standing at a minimum height of 1 meter over ten years, this variety flowers in November, showcasing its resilience against thrips. Its compact nature and alluring light pink blooms make it an essential addition to the coveted dwarf rhododendron collection. Bashful’s endearing presence adds a captivating allure to gardens, inviting enthusiasts to collect the full set.

The Bashful Rhododendron, with its dainty light pink blooms and compact stature, proudly joins the esteemed seven dwarf rhododendrons, offering not just a charming addition to gardens but also a delightful opportunity for enthusiasts to complete their prized collection.

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