Rhododendron Seaview Sunset


Rhododendron Sunset produces sensational red/orange colours with light lemon centre on a compact plant. The flowers have wavy edges, inside light yellow edged with broad band of red-orange Height 1m Flowering October.


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Discover the Seaview Sunset Rhododendron, a true marvel that’s destined to transform your garden into a breathtaking oasis of colour and beauty. With its splendid wavy-edged flowers and a harmonious blend of light yellow and vivid red-orange, this rhododendron variety adds a touch of elegance and drama to any landscape.

Bushy Habit: The Seaview Sunset Rhododendron boasts a bushy, well-branched growth habit that ensures a lush and dense foliage cover, making it an ideal choice for borders, and ornamental displays. Height 1m.

Colourful Brilliance: Its petals begin with a soft light yellow hue, which seamlessly transitions into a striking, red-orange border—a captivating transformation that is sure to draw attention.

Rich Lineage: Bred from the esteemed Nancy Evans and Canadian Sunset varieties, this rhododendron inherits a legacy of robust growth and exceptional ornamental value.

Flowering: Bucking the trend of spring bloomers, the Seaview Sunset Rhododendron graces your garden with its magnificent display in October, offering a splash of colour as summer arrives.

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