Rhododendron Ruth Motley


Rhododendron Ruth Motley has flat elliptical leaves that cover the frame of this upright growing plant. Strong pink flowers with dorsal spotting of brilliant orange Height 1m Flowering in October .

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Ruth Motley Rhododendron: Elegant Upright Beauty

Discover the grace and elegance of the Ruth Motley Rhododendron, a statuesque plant boasting an upright growth adorned with flat elliptical leaves that gracefully drape its frame. Embrace the enchantment of its vibrant presence, as this stunning variety showcases robust pink flowers, each intricately speckled with brilliant orange dorsal spotting.

Rooted in the lineage of the Peach hybrid and Lem’s Cameo, this rhododendron embodies the perfect blend of charm and resilience. Over a decade, it attains a minimum height of 1 meter, delivering a breathtaking floral spectacle in the midst of October.

Add a touch of elegance and vibrant allure to your garden with the Ruth Motley Rhododendron! Explore the beauty it offers, complemented by its upright stature and captivating blossoms. Visit RhodoDirect to acquire this striking variety and infuse your outdoor space with its unique charm and floral splendor.

Parentage: Peach hybrid x Lem’s Cameo
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 1m
Flowering Time: October

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