Rhododendron Purple Gem


Rhododendron Purple Gem has bright purplish-violet little flowers and little leaves. Hardy Height 80cm Flowering in September

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Purple Gem Rhododendron: “Vibrant Purplish-Violet Splendor in Compact Form”

Step into the world of the Purple Gem Rhododendron, where bright purplish-violet flowers adorn this compact wonder. With diminutive flowers and leaves, this hardy beauty stands tall, offering resilience in its elegant form.

Rooted in the lineage of minus Carolinianum Group x fastigiatum, this gem reaches a modest height of 80cm after a decade, gracing gardens with its vibrant bloom in October. Similar to its counterparts—Blue Diamond and Bob’s Blue Rhododendrons—it shares the same blooming period, varying only in the depth of color within their flowers.

Much like its siblings, the Purple Gem is an embodiment of hardiness and grace. Its little blooms and leaves belie its robust nature, making it an excellent addition to any garden seeking beauty in compact form.


Parentage: minus Carolinianum Group x fastigiatum
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 80cm
Flowering Time: September

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