Rhododendron Impeditum


Rhododendron Impeditum is a species rhodo with a mounding shaped dwarf rhododendron with tiny leaves as well as a small stature. Tiny blue flowers cover the whole rhodo. Height 30cm Flowers in September Hardy to -26 celsius

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Rhododendron Impeditum is a charming species, known for its dwarf, mounding shape and tiny evergreen leaves. This delightful rhododendron, which grows to 30 cm in 10 years, is perfect for the front edge of a garden or as a lovely filler in smaller spaces.

In September, Rhododendron Impeditum bursts into a profusion of tiny blue flowers that cover the entire plant, creating a striking display. The blooms are slightly softer in hue compared to the Glenfalloch Blue rhododendron adding a delicate touch to your garden. The tight ball-shaped growth habit makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a compact and neat plant.

As the seasons change, the foliage of Rhododendron Impeditum adds another layer of interest. The leaves turn a beautiful bronze color in response to frost and then revert to their lush green as soon as the weather warms up. This hardy species can withstand temperatures as low as -26°C, making it a resilient choice for colder climates. Rhododendron Impeditum is smaller than Glenfalloch Blue, with a slightly softer blue flower. If you’re looking for a small, attractive rhododendron to enhance your garden, Rhododendron Impeditum is an ideal option.

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