Rhododendron Frosted Ice


Rhododendron Frosted Ice has pure white flowers are held in a tight trusses on a compact plant.The compact habit and attractive dark green foliage are an added bonus for this plant. Height 1m Flowers in November

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Frosted Ice Rhododendron: Crisp Beauty in Compact Form

Meet the Frosted Ice Rhododendron, a stunning variety that boasts an exquisite display of pure white flowers tightly held within compact trusses. This charming plant delights with its small, delicate white blossoms, a feature perfectly complemented by its open growth habit form.

Unique Attributes:

The Frosted Ice rhododendron stands out with its small, attractive leaves that not only contribute to its aesthetic appeal but also make it remarkably resistant to wind. Its compact habit adds an extra layer of allure to this beauty, making it an ideal choice for gardens requiring a space-efficient yet elegant addition.

Parentage and Growth:

This variety emerges from a lineage that includes the yakushimanum ‘Koichiro Wada’ and the ?aberconwayi, resulting in its beautiful compact structure and delightful floral display. In just 10 years, it attains a minimum height of 1 meter, perfect for those seeking a modest-sized yet striking rhododendron.

Blooming Season:

The Frosted Ice rhododendron adorns your garden with its pristine white flowers in the month of November, offering a charming late-season display that captures the essence of purity and grace.

Wind-Resistant Charm:

Its small leaves and open growth habit not only enhance its visual appeal but also bestow a remarkable resistance to windy conditions, making it a resilient and enduring addition to any landscape.

The Frosted Ice rhododendron stands as a testament to the delicate beauty found in compact forms, gracing your garden with a profusion of small, elegant white flowers set amidst its charming foliage.

R. ‘Frosted Ice’ yakushimanum ‘Koichiro Wada’ X ? aberconwayi
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 1m
Flowering Time: November


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