Rhododendron Bobs Blue


Rhododendron Bobs Blue produces small blue flowers on an upright shrub. Small leaves so will tolerate full sun.Flowering in the first week of September at our nursery. Height 1.5m Flowers September. Winter foliage changes to bronze.

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Bob’s Blue Rhododendron: “Compact Elegance in Alpine Blooms”

Enter the world of Bob’s Blue Rhododendron, a charming shrub adorned with petite blue flowers, an epitome of grace in its upright stature. Sporting small leaves, this resilient beauty thrives even in full sun—a rare trait among rhododendrons. At our nursery, it dazzles with its blossoms in the first week of September, boasting flowers the size of a thumbnail.

This alpine variety is a frost-resistant gem, standing strong against cold weather. Witness its winter foliage don a delightful bronze hue, swiftly transitioning to lush green as temperatures rise—a mesmerising transformation.

With leaves no larger than your small fingernail, this plant retains a compact nature. It attains a minimum height of 1.5 meters after a decade, a testament to its steady growth.

For an in-depth visual experience, check out our attached YouTube clip, offering a closer look at this captivating beauty.


Minimum Height after 10 Years: 1.5m
Flowering Time: Early September in NZ

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