Rhododendron President Roosevelt


Rhododendron President Roosevelt has variegated foliage which most will recognised with dark red edged white flowers. Height 1.2m Flowering in September

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President Roosevelt Rhododendron: “Variegated Beauty with Dark Red-Edged White Flowers”

Meet the President Roosevelt Rhododendron, renowned for its variegated foliage that is both well-recognized and highly sought after. Its dark red-edged white flowers add to its allure, making it a well-known and frequently requested rhododendron.

With parentage stemming from an arboreum hybrid, this rhododendron grows to a minimum height of 1.2 meters over ten years. Its flowering time in September unveils blooms exactly resembling those of The President Rhododendron. Notably, it thrives even in a sunny spot, demonstrating resilience to heat in our nursery.

For further details about this remarkable rhododendron, feel free to check out the YouTube clip linked below, offering more insights into its unique features and characteristics.

Parentage: (arboreum hybrid)
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 1.2m
Flowering Time: September

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