Rhododendron Pierces Apricot


Rhododendron Pierces Apricot has deep apricot buds open to medium trusses of apricot orange flowers. Foliage is tight and deep green whilst habit is low and spreading. 1.5m height Flowers early November

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Pierce’s Apricot Rhododendron: “Apricot Splendor Unveiled in Low Spreading Habit”

Step into the enchanting world of Pierce’s Apricot Rhododendron! This remarkable beauty unveils deep apricot buds that gracefully open into medium trusses of mesmerising apricot-orange flowers. Its foliage, adorned in tight, deep greenery, perfectly complements its low and spreading habit, making it a stunning addition to any garden.

Reaching a height of 1.5 meters within a decade, this beauty blooms early in November, thriving best in dappled shade. Admire the breathtaking display of beautiful, large, tight trusses of flowers—a sight to behold.

Noteworthy is its resilience to hard frosts, which intensify the depth of color in this magnificent rhododendron. Embrace the allure of Pierce’s Apricot Rhododendron and add a touch of apricot splendor to your outdoor sanctuary.

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