Rhododendron Percy Wiseman


Rhododendron Percy Wiseman a stunning compact plant with dark green foliage. Flowers pink and white with a soft yellow centre Height 1m Flowering in October

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Percy Wiseman Rhododendron – Elegance in Pink and Yellow!

Step into a world of botanical refinement with the Percy Wiseman rhododendron. This compact marvel boasts lush, dark green foliage as the backdrop to its mesmerizing display. Picture-perfect blooms of pink, kissed by a soft yellow center, create a floral masterpiece. Born from the prestigious lineage of (yakushimanum x Fabia Tangerine), this gem matures to a modest 1-meter height in ten years, adorning gardens with its graceful presence every October.

Witness its floral metamorphosis—a delicately blushing pink that evolves into a warm, buttery yellow, unveiling nature’s canvas in a single plant. A study in compact elegance, it captivates with its multi-stage flowering, offering a dynamic spectacle in any garden space.

Envision this compact wonder as a focal point, bringing elegance and subtlety to landscaping. Its adaptability and manageable size make it an ideal choice for smaller gardens, containers, or even as an accent plant among larger varieties. Easy to care for and a delight to behold, the Percy Wiseman rhododendron is a testament to nature’s artistry.

Explore the allure of the Percy Wiseman rhododendron today, whether online or in person at our nursery. Let its compact elegance and flowering spectacle elevate your garden’s charm. Acquire this botanical masterpiece and experience the grace and beauty it bestows upon your outdoor sanctuary.

Parentage: (yakushimanum x Fabia Tangerine)
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 1m
Flowering Time: October

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