Rhododendron Ostbo Low Yellow


Rhododendron Ostbo Low Yellow flowers are funnel-shaped, pink buds that open to cream/yellow/apricot flowerswith an apricot orange center. Held in loose trusses. Extremely cold hardy. Height1.2m Flowering in November

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Ostbow Low Yellow Rhododendron – Delicate Elegance in Cream and Apricot!

Witness the delicate beauty of Ostbow Low Yellow rhododendron, adorned with flower buds resembling pink funnels that open to reveal enchanting cream, yellow, and apricot blossoms. Their apricot-orange centers grace loose trusses, painting a mesmerising picture. Extremely cold-hardy and reaching a modest height of 1.2m after a decade, this stunning variety blooms in November.

With an unknown parentage, its allure remains a charming mystery. Admired by gardening enthusiasts, this compact bush is a sought-after gem among the gardening group ladies for its stunning display. However, it appreciates protection from the intense afternoon summer sun, showcasing its beauty in a small, compact form.

Explore the allure of the Ostbow Low Yellow rhododendron, a coveted beauty that graces gardens with its elegant blooms. Available for enthusiasts online or at our nursery, it’s a must-have addition to your garden. Secure yours and experience the delicate charm it brings to your outdoor oasis!



Minimum Height after 10 Years:


Flowering Time: