Rhododendron Peggie Roberts


Rhododendron Peggie Roberts starts with a dark pink bud, opening lighter and quickly changing to white-green with traces of pink. In the throat is a deep red band.Height 1.5m Flowering in October

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Rhododendron Peggie Roberts is a delightful variety with pale pink flowers adorned with a very dark eye, creating a captivating and elegant display. Its parentage contributes to its robust nature, ensuring a healthy and beautiful plant in your garden.

Reaching a minimum height of 1 meter after ten years, Rhododendron Peggie Roberts blooms in October, adding a touch of grace to the Spring garden. Its lush, tough, dark green leaves provide a lovely backdrop for the bright trusses of flowers, which hold their color well over time.

This rhododendron is quite tough and a fast grower, establishing itself quickly and flourishing with minimal care. Its vibrant blooms and resilient foliage make it a standout choice for gardeners looking for a low-maintenance yet beautiful plant.

Add Rhododendron Peggie Roberts to your garden for a reliable and stunning rhododendron that brightens up the landscape with its lush foliage and colorful blooms.


Minimum Height after 10 Years: 1m
Flowering Time: October