Rhododendron Nance Garbutt


Nance Garbutt Rhododendron is a stunning hybrid with frilly cream flowers flushed with peach, height 1.5m.

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Nance Garbutt is a delightful registered hybrid from Tom Garbutt, boasting large frilly cream flushed peach flowers that add a touch of elegance to any garden setting. Nance Garbutt, stands at a height of 1.50 meters in ten years, making it a prominent feature in the landscape. Its apricot-colored flowers are a sight to behold, offering a charming contrast against the lush green foliage.

Whether used as a focal point or as part of a mixed planting scheme, Nance Garbutt thrives in various settings, thanks to its adaptable growth aspect.

As a tribute to its creator, Tom Garbutt, and the artistry of hybridization, we invite you to explore the beauty of Rhodo Nance Garbutt in your garden. Contact us today to learn more about this captivating Rhododendron and how it can enhance your outdoor space.