Rhododendron Mrs Tom H Lowinsky


Rhododendron Mrs Tom Lowinsky Rounded compact plant. Flowers blush to white with striking orange brown flare, in rounded trusses in late Oct. Height 2m Flowers in late November

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Mrs. T.H. Lowinsky Rhododendron: A Symphony of Colors and Late-Season Beauty

Floral Marvel in Full Bloom Step into the mesmerising world of the ‘Mrs. T.H. Lowinsky’ Rhododendron, a captivating shrub that delights the senses with its spectacular late-season display end of November. Its lavish blooms, adorned in exquisite shades of pale lavender, come alive with a stunning textured pattern. Picture the dynamic interplay of orange, gold, and brown, gracefully flaring atop each blossom, creating an irresistible allure that demands attention and admiration.

Foliage and Sun Preferences The trusses of flowers, resplendent in their textured hues, weave an enchanting tale of beauty and elegance. Complementing this floral spectacle are the dark green leaves, adding depth and contrast to the dynamic look, enhancing the overall allure of this magnificent shrub.

Ideal Sunlight and Growth Plant this captivating rhododendron in areas blessed with partial to full sun, and be prepared to marvel at its late-season blooms. Standing at a mature height of approximately 1.5 m.

Conclusion and Summary With its spellbinding late-season blossoms and captivating foliage, the ‘Mrs. T.H. Lowinsky’ Rhododendron promises an enchanting addition to your garden landscape. Revel in its textured pattern of colors and the late-season allure it brings, making it a standout feature in any garden setting.

In summary, the ‘Mrs. T.H. Lowinsky’ Rhododendron is a visual symphony, blending captivating hues, late-season beauty, and resilient hardiness, promising a spellbinding display that will captivate garden enthusiasts.


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