Rhododendron Belle Heller


Rhododendron Belle Heller flower is white with a large golden blotch Height 3m Flowers in October

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Rhododendron Belle Heller: A Golden-Centered Elegance

Embodying grace and charm, Rhododendron Belle Heller boasts magnificent, globe-shaped clusters of white blooms adorned with striking golden centers. Set against a canvas of lush, leathery green foliage, these blossoms create a mesmerising display that elevates any spring landscape.

Resilient Beauty in Semi-Shade

Known for its resilience and striking beauty, Belle Heller thrives in semi-shaded environments, thriving best when mulched regularly to maintain optimal root temperature. Its preference for acidic soil makes it essential to avoid lime to ensure its flourishing growth.

Sophisticated Floral Display

The pristine white hue of its flowers, accented by prominent golden blotches, adds an air of sophistication to any garden. Initially smaller in size, Belle Heller grows vigorously, reaching a majestic height of approximately 3 meters.

Versatile and Sun-Tolerant

This rhododendron is remarkably sun-tolerant, offering versatility in various garden settings. Its exceptional response to pruning allows for customized shaping and maintenance to match your landscape design preferences.

A Standout Addition to Your Garden

With robust growth, stunning blossoms, and adaptability to sunlight, Belle Heller stands out as an exceptional addition to any garden. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also embodies resilience and endurance.

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