Rhododendron Markeetas prize


Rhododendron Markeetas prize is a strong stemmed and vigorous rhodo, with bright red huge flowers sitting on top of waxy green foliage. Height 2m Floweringin October

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Markeetas Prize Rhododendron: Vibrant Blossoms atop Sturdy Stems

Elevate your garden with the resplendent Markeetas Prize Rhododendron, a testament to strength and beauty. Boasting robust stems and luscious waxy green foliage, this variety commands attention with its strikingly large, bright red flowers that crown its canopy.

Unveiling Heritage: This masterpiece inherits its excellence from a lineage deeply rooted in brilliance, a cross between the esteemed Loderi Venus and the elegant Anna. It embodies the finest traits of its prestigious parentage.

Elevation Through Growth: Over a span of 10 years, this rhododendron reaches a minimum height of 2 meters, standing tall and proud in your garden. Its vibrant blooms, arriving in October, infuse the landscape with a burst of color, marking the arrival of spring.

Bring the Beauty Home: Embrace the allure of the Markeetas Prize Rhododendron. Choose to purchase online or visit our RhodoDirect nursery, where our vast selection awaits your perusal. Experience the joy of hand-selecting plants that resonate with your vision, ensuring a garden that reflects your unique style and passion.


Parentage: (Loderi Venus x Anna)
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 2m
Flowering Time: October


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