Rhododendron Jane Rogers


Rhododendron Jane Rogers has salmon orange flowers in late October height 1.5m

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Behold the captivating beauty of the Rhododendron ‘Jane Rogers,’ adorned with stunning salmon-orange flowers that grace gardens with their presence in the late days of October. This vibrant display offers a delightful splash of color during the autumn season.

With a projected height of approximately 1.5 meters, the ‘Jane Rogers’ rhododendron strikes a balance between stature and manageability, making it an ideal addition to diverse garden landscapes.

Born from the parentage of Mrs. Donald Graham and Mrs. R S Holford, this rhododendron inherits distinguished traits, showcasing a harmonious blend of characteristics passed down from its renowned lineage.

The ‘Jane Rogers’ rhododendron stands as a testament to elegance and charm, its salmon-orange blooms adding vibrancy and allure to garden settings. This late October flowering marvel creates a picturesque scene, enhancing the autumn landscape with its unique coloration.

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