Rhododendron Felicity Fair


Rhododendron Felicity Fair is a fantastic fragrant rhodo that flowers late and doesn’t seem to be too affected by frosts in our own RhodoDirect garden. Flowers late in November Peachy/apricot/lemon flowers Height 1.5m Created by Felix Jury

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Felicity Fair Rhododendron – Fragrant Elegance for Late Blooms

Description: Introducing the Felicity Fair Rhododendron, a fragrant delight known for its resilience to frost. Bred by Felix Jury in NZ, this handsome shrub boasts dark green leathery foliage. In spring, it reveals fragrant trumpets of pastel apricot blooms with a pink flush and a hint of orange in the throat, thriving beautifully in semi-shaded garden spots.

Distinctive Traits: Adorned with charming peachy/lemon flowers, this upright beauty stands at 1.5m within 10 years and matures to 2.5m x 2m. Blooming late in November, this evergreen wonder, created by Felix Jury, adds elegance and fragrance to your garden’s late-season charm.

Conclusion: Discover the captivating fragrance and late blooms of the Felicity Fair Rhododendron. Find it online at RhodoDirect or visit our nursery. Elevate your garden with this resilient, fragrant beauty, ideal for semi-shaded spots and late-season allure.

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