Rhododendron Danella


Rhododendron Danella is an upright growing rhododendron with deeply veined flowers and dark green foliage. The lily-like white flowers have a large gold blaze in the throat. Their perfume is an added bonus. Does need protection from frosts. Height 1.5m Flowers Late October.

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Danella Rhododendron: A Grand Floral Spectacle of Enormous White Blooms

The “Danella” Rhododendron is a botanical marvel that combines the best traits of the nuttallii family, gracing your garden with an impressive display of enormous white flowers. This upright-growing rhododendron stands as a testament to nature’s artistry, with deeply veined petals and lush dark green foliage. The lily-like blossoms are not only stunning but also bear a large gold blaze at their throats, adding a touch of opulence to their already captivating appearance. As an extra gift, the “Danella” rhododendron comes with a delightful perfume, enhancing your garden with its fragrant allure.

Enormous Buds and Flowers: One of the defining features of the “Danella” rhododendron is its huge buds, a characteristic inherited from the nuttallii family. These sizable buds unfurl to reveal extraordinarily large white flowers that are a sight to behold. Their sheer size and elegance make them a true showstopper in your garden, commanding attention and admiration.

A Floral Spectacle with Veined Beauty: The blossoms of “Danella” are more than just large; they are deeply veined, adding intricate patterns to their already enchanting appearance. Against the backdrop of dark green foliage, these flowers stand out as a testament to the intricate beauty of the natural world.

Gold Blaze and Fragrant Delight: What sets “Danella” apart is the large gold blaze at the throat of its lily-like white flowers. This feature adds opulence and contrast to the blooms, making them a visual marvel. As an added bonus, the “Danella” rhododendron gifts your garden with a delightful fragrance, creating a multisensory experience that engages both sight and smell.

Protection from Frosts: To ensure the continued splendour of “Danella,” it’s important to provide protection from frosts. This care ensures that the large buds and exquisite blooms remain unspoiled, allowing you to enjoy the grand spectacle each year.

Height and Flowering Time: The “Danella” rhododendron typically reaches a height of 1.5 meters, offering a commanding presence in your garden. Its generous blossoms grace your garden in October, providing a timely and captivating display.

A Result of Lindleyi x Nuttallii Lineage: The “Danella” rhododendron is the result of the esteemed lineage of Lindleyi x Nuttallii. This genetic heritage contributes to its remarkable size, floral beauty, and overall splendour.

In summary, the “Danella” rhododendron is a botanical masterpiece that adorns your garden with grandeur. Its enormous white flowers, deeply veined petals, gold blaze, and fragrant perfume create a sensory feast for all who encounter it. Protecting it from frosts ensures that this magnificent spectacle is a recurring gift from nature.

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