Rhododendron Blue Jay


Rhododendron Blue Jay produces bright green leaves that sport profuse lavender-blue flowers with pansy-violet edges and a distinctive dahlia-purple blotch. The plant does well in full sun. 2mx2m Can be used as a hedge.

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Blue Jay Rhododendron: “Vibrant Lavender-Blue Blooms in Full Sun”

Embrace the allure of the Blue Jay Rhododendron, where bright green leaves serve as a backdrop for lavish displays of profuse lavender-blue flowers. Each blossom showcases pansy-violet edges and boasts a distinctive dahlia-purple blotch—a mesmerising tapestry of colors.

Thriving in full sun, this rhododendron grows to a sizeable 2 meters in both height and width, making it an exceptional candidate for a strikingly dense hedge. Its bushy nature adds to its appeal, creating a vibrant boundary for your garden.

The Blue Jay Rhododendron’s vibrant blooms and full sun resilience make it a standout choice, offering both beauty and functionality to elevate any landscape.

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