Rhododendron Barbie Doll


Rhododendron ‘Barbie Doll’—a playful variety renowned for its stunning pink or purple blooms, adapting hues based on winter temperatures. Resilient against thrips, this charming plant forms a topiary ball shape, flowering in October and boasting silver indumentum on its leaves. Height 1.2m

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Introducing the enchanting Rhododendron ‘Barbie Doll’, a captivating variety celebrated for its striking floral display reminiscent of the iconic doll. This rhododendron graces gardens with eye-catching blooms, showcasing shades of pink or purple depending on the winter’s chill. In colder regions, it tends towards a regal purple hue, while in warmer climates, it leans into softer pink tones, adapting its color palette to the climate’s whims.

Much like the vibrant and playful nature of the Barbie doll, this rhododendron’s flowers boast vivid and bright hues, adding a pop of color and cheerfulness to garden landscapes. The ‘Barbie Doll’ rhododendron creates a whimsical ambiance, bringing joy and vibrancy with its delightful blooms.

Fun Fact: Thanks to its Yakushimanum parentage, the ‘Barbie Doll’ rhododendron exhibits resilience against thrips, ensuring a healthier and happier garden. Its growth pattern forms a topiary ball shape, showcasing its aesthetic appeal and adding a sculptural element to garden designs.

Flowering in October, this rhododendron unveils its spectacular display, marking the transition from spring to summer with its charming blooms. With a height of approximately 1.2 meters, it stands as a compact yet impactful addition to garden landscapes.

Adding to its allure, the ‘Barbie Doll’ rhododendron features silver indumentum on its leaves, adding an intriguing contrast and enhancing its overall visual appeal. This unique characteristic sets it apart, adding depth and interest to its foliage.

Whether planted as a standalone specimen or incorporated into garden compositions, the ‘Barbie Doll’ rhododendron captivates with its adaptability, charm, and colorful personality, creating an enchanting atmosphere in any garden setting.

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