Rhododendron Douglas R Stephens


Rhododendron Douglas R Stephens presents an elegant floral display in November, boasting captivating Large trusses of stunning rose-pink blooms with wavy edges and a delicate white center Height 2m


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Douglas R Stephens Rhododendron – Elegance in Rose-Pink Florals

Description: The Douglas R Stephens Rhododendron emerges as an elegant and compact evergreen shrub, boasting an upright habit adorned with glossy, dark-green foliage. Ideal for large pots or garden planting, this variety radiates beauty with its refined appearance.

Floral Display: Come November, a breathtaking spectacle unfolds as this rhododendron adorns itself with large trusses of captivating rose-pink flowers. The blooms, adorned with wavy edges and a delicate white center, paint an enchanting picture, amplifying the garden’s allure with their stunning presence.

Growth Characteristics: Sharing parentage with ‘The Honourable Jean Marie de Montague’ and an unnamed hybrid, the Douglas R Stephens Rhododendron inherits a compact and upright growth habit reaching 2m in ten years. Its resemblance to the Cotton Candy Rhododendron adds a touch of familiarity, distinguishing itself through its unique rose-pink hue.

Caring for Douglas R Stephens: This variety thrives in well-draining, humus-rich, and acidic soils, emphasizing the need for a suitable environment to foster its growth and vibrancy. Additionally, it appreciates shelter from intense sunlight, ensuring its enduring health and captivating floral displays.

Versatility and Beauty: Douglas R Stephens Rhododendron captivates with its sophisticated floral elegance and adaptable nature. Its suitability for both container planting and garden landscapes highlights its versatility, allowing it to grace various settings with its exquisite charm.

The Douglas R Stephens Rhododendron, a testament to floral refinement and grace, unfurls a stunning display of rose-pink blooms in November, becoming an enchanting addition to gardens seeking elegance and beauty.

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