Rhododendron Dreamland


Rhododendron Dreamland has a good trusses of pale pink edged deeper pink flowers on a compact bush Beautiful Height 1.2m Flowering in October

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Dreamland Rhododendron: Where Beauty Meets Resilience

The “Dreamland” rhododendron is a true horticultural masterpiece, a vision of natural beauty that captivates all who encounter it. This botanical gem is more than just super pretty; it’s a radiant expression of nature’s artistry. With good trusses of pale pink flowers adorned with deeper pink edges, it’s a picturesque display of floral elegance on a compact bush that adds a touch of grace to any garden.

A Yakushimanum Hybrid: Naturally Thrip-Resistant: What sets the “Dreamland” rhododendron apart is its exceptional resilience. With “yakushimanum hybrid” in its lineage, it boasts a natural defense against thrips. These troublesome pests are no match for the “Dreamland,” making it a garden-friendly choice that maintains its pristine appearance.

Topiary Ball Shape: A Natural Work of Art: One of the remarkable qualities of the “Dreamland” rhododendron is its innate ability to grow in a topiary ball shape. This natural artistry adds a sense of balance and formality to your garden, transforming it into a work of living art. As the seasons unfold, the “Dreamland” maintains its sculpted elegance, ensuring that your garden retains its picture-perfect allure.

October’s Floral Wonderland: Each October, the “Dreamland” rhododendron graces your garden with a breathtaking floral wonderland. The pale pink blooms, adorned with deeper pink edges, create a mesmerizing display of color that captures the essence of timeless beauty. This late-season flowering is a delightful surprise that extends the garden’s charm well into the autumn.

Elevate Your Garden with “Dreamland”: Incorporating the “Dreamland” rhododendron into your garden is like adding a brushstroke of elegance and resilience. Its stunning trusses of pink blooms, natural thrip resistance, and topiary ball shape make it a well-rounded choice for your outdoor oasis. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just beginning your horticultural journey, “Dreamland” is an invitation to elevate your garden to new heights.



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