Rhododendron Anuschka


Rhododendron Anuschuka has deep pink buds opening into ball shaped flower of rose fading to soft pink in the centre that are lightly sprinkled with red spots in the throat. The plant is compact and spreading. The leathery leaves are coated with thick indumentum. Flowers mid season getting to 1.2m in height.

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Rhododendron Anuschka is a stunning variety that captivates with its deep pink buds, which open to reveal ball-shaped flowers. Each bloom features a charming gradient, transitioning from rose to a soft pink center. Adding to its allure, the flowers are lightly sprinkled with red spots in the throat, creating a delicate and intricate pattern.

This compact and spreading plant boasts leathery leaves that are coated with a thick indumentum, giving it a unique texture and adding to its visual appeal. Rhododendron Anuschka is not only beautiful but also practical; thanks to its yakushimanum parentage (Sammetglut x yakushimanum Koichiro Wada), it exhibits thrip resilience, making it a hardy choice for gardens.

Flowering in October and November, Rhododendron Anuschka reaches a height of about 1.2 meters after ten years. While it is versatile, it particularly thrives in a shady part of the garden, especially in regions like Canterbury, where it benefits from some protection from direct sunlight.

Add the Rhododendron Anuschka to your garden to enjoy its exquisite flowers and robust nature. Its compact size and spreading habit make it an excellent choice for various garden settings.  Contact us today to learn more about this resilient and beautiful variety and how it can become a highlight in your landscape.