Rhododendron Titian Beauty


Rhododendron Titian Beauty has small bright red bell shaped flowers on a compact bush Height 1m Late flowering November/December

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Titian Beauty Rhododendron: Radiant Red Blooms on a Compact Canvas

Behold the Titian Beauty Rhododendron, a petite wonder boasting small yet vibrant bright red flowers adorning its compact bush. Standing at a modest 1 meter within a decade, this variety showcases a remarkable lineage, stemming from the union of Fabia and Yakushimanum, ensuring resilience against thrips.

A Tapestry of Red Elegance: Witness the striking allure of its red blooms, a testament to the impactful beauty bestowed by its Fabia heritage. In native landscapes, these red blossoms stand out, casting a breathtaking display that truly captivates the eye.

Summer’s Silver Lining: Marvel at the summer foliage adorned with a silver tomentum, adding an intriguing dimension to the plant bestowed by its Yakushimanum heritage. Amidst the lush greenery, this unique feature provides a captivating splash of interest, ensuring year-round appeal in your garden.

A Jewel for Your Garden: The Titian Beauty Rhododendron is a jewel waiting to adorn your landscape. Its compact form and vibrant blooms make it an ideal choice for smaller spaces or as a focal point in any garden setting.

Explore the Beauty: At RhodoDirect, immerse yourself in the allure of the Titian Beauty Rhododendron. Whether browsing our online selection or visiting our RhodoDirect nursery at 3/377 Halkett Road, West Melton, Christchurch, discover a diverse range of rhododendrons awaiting your perusal. Handpick the plants that resonate with your vision, creating a garden that exudes your personal flair and style.

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