Rhododendron Rainbow


Rhododendron Rainbow has white flowers edged deep pink are striking. A large plant making a real show. Dark matt green foliage on a bushy vigorous plant. Height 2m Flowering in October

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Rainbow Rhododendron – A Striking Show of Pink-Edged White Blooms

Description: Witness the stunning spectacle of the Rainbow Rhododendron, adorned with white blossoms delicately edged in deep pink hues, creating a striking visual display. This large and vigorous plant steals the spotlight with its remarkable show, complemented by dense, dark matte green foliage, ensuring a captivating presence in any garden landscape.

Distinctive Features and Growth Traits: With lineage tracing back to the griffithianum hybrid, this vigorous grower reaches an impressive minimum height of 2 meters over a decade. Flowering in October, its extremely vigorous growth maintains a beautifully bushy shape, standing out as a showstopper in the display gardens at RhodoDirect. It’s an enduring favorite among our collection, ensuring a breathtaking garden presence.

A Show-Stopping Favorite: The Rainbow Rhododendron emerges as a true show-stopping favorite, celebrated for its striking contrast of pink-edged white blooms against deep green foliage. Its vigorous growth and bushy form make it a charismatic centerpiece, creating an irresistible allure in garden landscapes and earning its place as a cherished favorite among enthusiasts at RhodoDirect.

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