Rhododendron Purple Lace


Rhododendron Purple Lace flowers are frilly and fringed deep purple red in well formed full trusses on a nice bushy plant Height 2m Flowering in November

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Purple Lace Rhododendron: Adorn Your Garden with Frilly Elegance

In the dappled shade, the Purple Lace Rhododendron flourishes, showcasing frilly and fringed blossoms in a deep, alluring shade of purple-red. Each petal forms part of well-structured and abundant trusses, adorning a lush and bushy plant that elevates any garden scene.

Derived from the distinguished parentage of (Britannia x Purple Splendour), this rhododendron thrives, reaching a majestic height of 2 meters over a decade, making a bold statement in gardens yearning for a touch of grandeur.

During November, this botanical masterpiece graces the garden with its captivating display, presenting deeply hued flowers in full and well-formed trusses. Its lush foliage and exquisitely formed blossoms make it a standout amidst the spring landscape.

Introduce the Purple Lace Rhododendron to your garden and embrace its frilly elegance. Let its deeply pigmented, fringed blooms and robust, bushy demeanor become the highlight of your garden canvas. Uncover the allure of the Purple Lace Rhododendron at our RhodoDirect nursery or explore our diverse online collection to add this captivating beauty to your garden palette.


Parentage: (Britannia x Purple Splendour)
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 2m
Flowering Time: November

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