Rhododendron Plum duff


Rhododendron Plum Duff has soft lilac buds that open to white flowers tinged lilac. Foliage is grey green. Height 1.5m

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Plum Duff Rhododendron: “Ethereal Lilac Elegance with Grey-Green Foliage”

Enter the enchanting world of the Plum Duff Rhododendron, where soft lilac buds unfurl into delicate white-tinged lilac flowers, casting a serene spell. Its foliage, adorned in a subtle grey-green hue, complements the ethereal blooms.

Over a decade, this beauty grows to a height of 1.5 meters, thriving best in dappled shade—a must for its optimal growth. With its stunning flowers and a bushy growth habit, the Plum Duff Rhododendron graces gardens with its allure.

Noteworthy is the subtle blue hue that tints the leaves, adding another layer of charm to this already captivating rhododendron. It’s truly a standout plant, boasting both beauty and a touch of uniqueness.

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