Rhododendron Platinum Pearl

Rhododendron Platinum Pearl has pearl pink frilly-edged flowers, aging to white with a dark rose blotch and spots at the base. Height 1.8m Flowering in October.


Introducing Platinum Pearl Rhododendron, a stunning variety with frilly-edged pearl-pink flowers that gracefully age to white, adorned with a dark rose blotch and base spots. Its parentage, Trude Webster x fortunei ssp discolor, ensures a robust and attractive plant.

Reaching a minimum height of 1.8 meters after 10 years, this rhododendron blooms in October, adding a burst of color to your garden. It prefers protection from the afternoon summer sun, thriving in lightly shaded areas. The lighter green leaves and soft flower colors brighten darker corners of the garden, making it an excellent filler plant.

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Parentage: Trude Webster x fortunei ssp discolor
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 1.8m
Flowering Time: October