Rhododendron Marquis of Waterford


Marquis of Waterford Rhododendron: Stands at 1.8m, late-blooming with stunning red flowers featuring a captivating whitish center. Ideal for sunny spots with partial shade, needing well-drained acidic soil and regular watering for optimal growth!

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Marquis of Waterford Rhododendron: Nature’s Picotee Showstopper

The Marquis of Waterford Rhododendron commands attention with its striking display of dramatic red flowers, boasting a breathtaking whitish center that creates a stunning picotee effect. This heavy bloomer enchants late in the season, adorning gardens with rounded trusses of radiant blooms, truly a spectacle to behold.

This rhododendron variety, standing at approximately 1.8 meters in both height and width, captivates with its unique floral display. Its hardy nature ensures resilience, while the late-blooming nature adds an alluring touch to the garden landscape.

Thriving in a sunny spot with partial shade, this plant thrives best in well-drained, moist, and acidic soil. Adequate watering, especially during hot, dry periods, and thoughtful mulching contribute to its overall health. To bolster its growth, fertilise with acid food from spring through autumn.

Introduce the Marquis of Waterford Rhododendron, a true eye-catcher, to your garden. Revel in its mesmerising picotee effect and late-season bloom that infuses vibrant energy into your garden canvas. Experience this nature’s showstopper by exploring it at our RhodoDirect nursery or discovering it in our diverse online collection.

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