Rhododendron Little Jack Horner


Rhododendron Little Jack Horner is a small growing Rhodo with plenty of small rosy pink flowers smothering it Height 60cm Flowering in October/November

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Little Jack Horner Rhododendron – Rosy Pink Charmer for Urban Gardens

Description: Meet the Little Jack Horner Rhododendron, a charming and compact variety adorned with an abundance of small, delightful rosy pink flowers. This sun-tolerant gem stands at a modest 60cm x 60cm, making it a perfect choice for smaller gardens.

Distinctive Traits: Adored for its compact nature, this variety, a favorite of Samantha’s in the display garden, thrives as an ideal front-of-garden or edging plant. Perfectly suited for small urban gardens, it boasts a profusion of captivating blooms, adding a touch of charm and allure to limited spaces.

Ready to enhance your garden with the Little Jack Horner Rhododendron’s rosy charm? Discover this sun-tolerant gem online at RhodoDirect or visit our nursery. Elevate your urban garden with this compact beauty, perfect for smaller spaces and admired for its abundance of delightful rosy pink blooms.

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