Rhododendron Lems Burgendy


The Rhododendron Lems Burgundy boasts beautiful deep burgundy red flowers in abundant large clusters during early November. With a rounded growth pattern, it reaches a height of 1.5 meters.  This variety showcases captivating blooms, adding a touch of elegance to gardens in the brisk days of early November.

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Rhododendron Lems Burgundy: “Abundant Deep Burgundy Blooms in Early November”

The Rhododendron Lems Burgundy reveals stunning deep burgundy red flowers in lavish clusters during early November. Its rounded growth pattern culminates in a height of 1.5 meters.

This variety stands out among its peers, showcasing captivating blooms that infuse gardens with an extra touch of elegance during the brisk days of early November. As part of the Lems rhododendron group, known for their top-notch performance, collecting them all elevates garden beauty to new heights.

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