Rhododendron Lemon Marmalade


Rhododendron Lemon Marmalade has clear soft yellow flowers late in November- 1.2min height a beautiful looking plant.

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Lemon Marmalade Rhododendron – Late Season Sunshine in Clear Yellow!

Bask in the late-season radiance of the Lemon Marmalade rhododendron, boasting clear yellow flowers that extend the year’s touch of sunshine. With blooms appearing in November, this vibrant beauty stands tall at 1.2m, a testament to its impressive stature.

Born from the lineage of Mrs. Lammont Copeland x Mary Drennen, this rhododendron thrives in bringing a burst of yellow to the landscape. However, it appreciates protection from the intense summer sun, ensuring its brilliance lasts. A true visual delight, this plant adds a touch of elegance and brightness to any garden setting.

Explore the brightness of the Lemon Marmalade rhododendron, available online or at our nursery. Embrace its late-season bloom and infuse your garden with the warmth of clear yellow hues. Don’t miss out on this stunning addition to your garden—select yours today!


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