Rhododendron Lemon Lodge


Rhododendron Lemon Lodge is a very pale lemon that doesn’t fade out. Will grow to 1.5m does prefer some shade from the heat of the sun. Flowers October


Lemon Lodge Rhododendron: Embrace Persistent Pale Beauty! 

Lemon Lodge Rhododendron, stemming from the esteemed Pukeiti Hybrid, boasts a delicate and unwavering pale lemon hue, retaining its vibrancy over time. This charming variety gradually matures to a height of 1.5 meters over a decade, showcasing its endurance and grace in the garden. It thrives best when provided partial shade, preferring shelter from the intense heat of direct sunlight.

Growing Tips and Unique Traits: Known for its unwavering lemon hue that doesn’t fade, the Lemon Lodge Rhododendron graces gardens with its subtle yet captivating presence. Its preference for partial shade ensures optimal growth and preservation of its gentle lemon coloration. Blooming splendidly in October, it stands as a testament to enduring popularity among gardening aficionados, enchanting all with its persistent pale beauty.

Interesting Facts: Lemon Lodge Rhododendron stands out for its steadfast lemon hue, a unique characteristic that endears it to enthusiasts seeking lasting charm and grace in their garden. Its popularity, stemming from its unwavering color and delicate nature, continues to make it a sought-after choice among rhododendron lovers.

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