Rhododendron Lalique


Rhododendron Lalique A NZ hybrid with 14-15 frilled flowers , in a conical trusses of white, tinged delicate pink and lilac. Slightly perfumed. Beautiful foliage. Flowers in late November early December in the South Island Height 2 metres.

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Discover the enchanting Lalique Rhododendron, a New Zealand hybrid known for its stunning 14-15 frilled flowers arranged in conical trusses. These blooms showcase shades of white, delicate pink, and lilac, creating a captivating display. The Lalique Rhododendron has a subtle perfume and is complemented by beautiful foliage.

This rhododendron blooms in late November to early December in the South Island, adding a touch of beauty to the late-season garden. Standing at a height of 2 meters, it is quite a fast-growing bush that thrives in dappled shade areas, where it grows bushy with nice long leaves. The Lalique Rhododendron looks particularly stunning when planted under variegated elms, enhancing its overall appeal.

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