Rhododendron Jungfrau


“Jungfrau” Rhododendron: Stunning Pale Pink Elegance

The “Jungfrau” rhododendron is a vision of garden beauty.  Large, lovely conical trusses, with creamy white in throat flushing to pale tyrian rose at the tips, and light green foliage, it’s a captivating addition to your landscape.  It’s rapid growth and upright habit ensure it stands tall in your garden, gracing it with late-season elegance in November. 2.5m

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Jungfrau Rhododendron: A Symphony of Delicate Beauty

The “Jungfrau” Rhododendron is a botanical masterpiece that weaves elegance, color, and a visual spectacle into the tapestry of your garden. With its striking light green foliage, it provides a serene canvas for what unfolds each year. Large, lovely conical trusses, with creamy white in throat flushing to pale tyrian rose at the tips, as they unfurl their petals from deeper pink buds. The result is a visual symphony that evokes a sense of tranquility and grace.

A Rapid Growth Marvel: “Jungfrau” is not just beautiful; it’s also a marvel of growth. Within a mere decade, it reaches an impressive height of 2.5 meters and spreads to 2 meters. This rapid growth ensures that it becomes a commanding presence in your garden, an ideal choice for those seeking a quick transformation.

Flowering in November: The “Jungfrau” rhododendron times its blossoms for November, adding a burst of color to the late autumn landscape. This late-season flowering is a pleasant surprise, as it extends the beauty of your garden into a time when many plants have retired for the year.

A Visual Spectacle: The “Jungfrau” rhododendron doesn’t just charm with its colors but also with its visual spectacle. Creamy white at the throat, these blossoms gracefully shade into pale rose, creating a stunning display that captures attention. The blooms are arranged in huge conical trusses, making them an even more commanding presence in your garden.

Vigorous Growth with an Upright Habit: This rhododendron is not just a visual delight; it’s also a vigorous grower with an upright habit. Its stature, combined with its rapid growth, ensures that it stands tall and proud in your garden, creating an impressive focal point.

In summary, the “Jungfrau” rhododendron is a botanical treasure known for its delicate beauty. Its light green foliage provides a serene backdrop for the large pale pink trusses that grace your garden in November. While it doesn’t carry fragrance, its visual impact is undeniable. With rapid growth and an upright habit, it’s a delightful choice for garden enthusiasts seeking both aesthetics and transformation.

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