Rhododendron James Burchett

Rhododendron James Burchett has a large truss of white flowers with a faint pink edge, slight yellow throat late flowering end of November Height 1.5M


Prepare to welcome the majestic Rhododendron James Burchett to your garden, soon to be available at RhodoDirect. This distinguished rhododendron features a large truss of pristine white flowers, delicately edged with a faint pink hue, exuding elegance and grace in every petal. With a subtle yellow throat adding a touch of warmth, James Burchett blooms in late November, extending the beauty of the garden season with its radiant display.

Standing tall at a height of 1.5 meters, James Burchett commands attention with its stately presence and abundant blooms. This remarkable plant promises to be a standout feature in any garden landscape, adding depth and dimension with its exquisite flowers and lush foliage.

As the latest addition to the RhodoDirect collection, James Burchett is sure to captivate gardeners with its timeless beauty and versatility. Whether planted as a specimen tree or incorporated into mixed borders, this rhododendron is sure to elevate your outdoor space with its enchanting presence.

Don’t miss the opportunity to add the beauty and elegance of Rhododendron James Burchett to your garden. Stay tuned for its arrival at RhodoDirect, and embark on a journey of botanical splendor with this remarkable plant.