Rhododendron Gartendirektor Reiger


Rhododendron Gartendirektor Rieger features large cream flowers with red spotting in the throat and reaches a height of 1.2 meters, great foliage compact plant.

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The Rhododendron ‘Gartendirektor Rieger’ is renowned for its visually captivating flower display. This cultivar produces large, eye-catching blooms in rich colors, forming clusters known as trusses that create a dense and colorful show when in full bloom. The flowers are large cream with red spotting in the throat, set against good foliage of oval-shaped leaves with red stems. This compact plant reaches 1.2 meters in height and thrives in shaded areas, benefitting from protection against the hot afternoon summer sun.

Curious about The Rhododendron ‘Gartendirektor Rieger’? Let’s chat about this visually stunning rhododendron and how it can enhance your garden