Rhododendron Cream Supreme


Apricot buds open to cream flowers with some pink flares on the outer lobes. Bright green gold speckling on the upper lobe. Very delicate in appearance but actually quite robust

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Cream Supreme Rhododendron – Elegance in Apricot and Cream!

Behold the exquisite transformation of apricot buds unfurling into creamy blossoms, highlighted by subtle pink flares on their outer lobes. Witness nature’s artistry with bright green gold speckling adorning the upper lobes, lending an air of delicate sophistication to this surprisingly robust beauty.

Born from the lineage of (Colonel Coen x unknown), this stunner reaches a minimum height of 1.2m in ten years, gracing gardens with its floral display in November. Despite its fragile appearance, this rhododendron is remarkably resilient. Its small leaves belie the plant’s vigorous growth, supporting tightly packed trusses of blossoms. Among our favorites, it shines for both its robust growth and the stunning performance of its flowers.

Discover the allure of the Cream Supreme rhododendron at our nursery or explore our online collection. Don’t be deceived by its delicate appearance; this robust beauty promises a spectacular addition to your garden. Select yours today and experience the elegance and resilience it brings to your outdoor oasis!

Parentage: (Colonel Coen x unknown)
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 1.2m
Flowering Time: November

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