Rhododendron Cream Parasol


Rhododendron Cream Parasol has creamy white scented flowers with a hint of pink at the base. Height 1.5m Flowering in November.

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Introducing the ethereal beauty of Rhododendron ‘Cream Parasol.’ Adorned with creamy-white flowers, kissed delicately with a subtle pink hue at their base, this rhododendron evokes a delightful fragrance. With its blooming season in November, reaching an elegant height of 1.5m, this variety hints at its possible heritage from Rhododendron Maddenii. To preserve its splendor, it thrives best when shielded from the intense afternoon sun. Embrace the enchanting allure of ‘Cream Parasol’ as it graces the latter part of the year with its mesmerizing presence.

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