Rhododendron Cilpinense


Rhododendron Cilpinense rounded leaves are small to medium sized and are deep forest green. Flowers blush pink with deeper pink edges. Compact Bush. Shelter from frost to protect buds Height 1m Flowering August/September

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The enchanting world of the Cilpinense Rhododendron, is a charming and early bloomer that graces gardens with its delightful presence. This compact bush, born from the union of ciliatum and moupinense parentage, showcases small to medium-sized, deep forest green leaves that offer year-round appeal. Early Spring its blossoms emerge, painting the landscape with blush pink flowers adorned with deeper pink edges, creating a picturesque display.

This rhododendron is a trailblazer, heralding the arrival of the flowering season as one of the earliest bloomers in the South Island of New Zealand. Its flowering spectacle in August and September adds a burst of color when many other plants are still dormant, making it a sought-after gem for garden enthusiasts looking to extend the blooming season.

Being a compact bush, it thrives in sheltered environments, particularly benefiting from protection against frost to safeguard its delicate buds. Its growth typically reaches a minimum height of around 1 meter after ten years, making it an ideal choice for smaller garden spaces or as part of mixed shrub borders.

Adaptable and relatively low-maintenance, the Cilpinense Rhododendron flourishes in acidic, well-draining soil. Partial shade is preferred for optimal growth, though it can tolerate varying light conditions. Once established, it requires minimal care, appreciating regular watering and occasional pruning to maintain its elegant form.

Adding this early bloomer to your garden not only ensures a stunning floral display but also attracts beneficial pollinators like bees and butterflies, contributing positively to the local ecosystem. Whether nestled in a woodland garden, enhancing borders, or as a standalone specimen, this rhododendron’s early flowering and compact nature make it a valuable asset for any landscape.




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