Rhododendron Chrysomanicum


Rhoododendron Chrysomanicum with rich brilliant yellow open trumpet flowers, in loose trusses. Low compact grower very free flowering and extremely showy. Blooms from mid-winter persisting until spring Height 60cm.

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Chrysomanicum Rhododendron: A Winter Symphony of Brilliant Yellow Beauty! 

The Chrysomanicum Rhododendron is a stunning variety adorned with rich, brilliant yellow open trumpet flowers, elegantly arranged in loose and eye-catching trusses. This low and compact grower boasts an exceptional free-flowering nature, captivating admirers with its abundant beauty that graces gardens from mid-winter, persisting in a mesmerising display through spring. Reaching a modest height of 60cm, it promises a vibrant and alluring addition to any garden setting.

Growing Tips and Unique Traits: This rhododendron variety embodies a spectacle of vibrant yellow blooms, resembling a symphony of winter sunshine. Its low and compact growth habit not only ensures an effortless charm but also makes it a versatile addition to various garden spaces. Blooming profusely, it stands out as an extremely showy cultivar, bedecking the landscape with its radiant floral display that extends its allure well into the spring months.

Interesting Facts: Chrysomanicum Rhododendron’s enduring brilliance in the form of rich yellow trumpet flowers sets it apart, marking it as a delightful addition to gardens seeking a burst of winter and early spring charm. Its remarkable persistence in flowering through these colder seasons brings a touch of vibrancy and joy to the garden landscape.

Closing Statement: Explore the enchantment of Chrysomanicum Rhododendron at our RhodoDirect nursery or discover it through our diverse online collection. Elevate your garden with this captivating winter and spring treasure, showcasing a symphony of brilliant yellow blooms, enriching your outdoor space with its enduring beauty and radiant charm

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