Rhododendron Bud Flanagan


Rhododendron Bud Flanagan have strong reddish-purple buds open to a very soft mauve flower. At the centre of each flower is a large dark deep flare. Hardy and vigorous growing.Height 2m Flowering in October


Bud Flanagan Rhododendron: “Majestic Mauve Blooms with a Dark Flare”

Prepare to be mesmerised by the Bud Flanagan Rhododendron, where robust reddish-purple buds unfurl into exquisitely soft mauve flowers. Each bloom features a strikingly large, dark deep flare at its center, adding a touch of drama to its delicate beauty.

Rooted in the lineage of (Unknown x ponticum), this hardy and vigorous grower reaches an impressive height of 2 meters after a decade, gracing gardens with its splendid bloom in October. Sun-tolerant and boasting a vigorous growth habit, it thrives remarkably, adorning your landscape with lush, green foliage.

The Bud Flanagan Rhododendron stands as a testament to elegance and resilience, captivating with its majestic blooms and thriving nature.

Parentage: (Unknown x ponticum)
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 2m
Flowering Time: October