Rhododendron Broxton 247


Rhododendron Broxton 247 has huge satin purple/pink flowers with an unusual showy blotch of deep purple on the upper petal. This plant can be relied on to perform well. Height 2m Flowers in October


Broxton 247 Rhododendron: “Magnificent Satin Purple-Pink Blooms”

Step into a world of magnificence with the Broxton 247 Rhododendron, boasting immense satin purple-pink flowers adorned with a strikingly showy blotch of deep purple on the upper petal—a captivating spectacle.

Reaching a minimum height of 2 meters after a decade, this variety blooms splendidly in October. Renowned for its reliable performance, this rhododendron is a favorite among enthusiasts. Its sun tolerance and vigorous growth make it a plant that simply flies off the shelves when in bloom.

The Broxton 247 Rhododendron stands as a testament to beauty and resilience, offering a stunning floral display and robust growth that won’t disappoint.

Minimum Height after 10 Years: 2m
Flowering Time: October